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In over half-century of complete immersion in research and design of buildings, I designed some of the most critically acclaimed and best recognized tall and other buildings in the world.

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This website presents for the first time — in words and images — my life’s work, my professional story — what I’ve stood for and what I’ve stood against since I came to America 50 years ago — and, IP theft in America — the reason my professional standing is not anywhere close to my professional accomplishments.

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Within 30 years the world's urban population is expected to double, and two thirds of it will live in slums. The construction industry — governed by an over-a-century-old technology — is incapable of accommodating this growth.

About 20 years ago, the knowledge I have been accumulating both in design and production of buildings, the exponential growth of the world urban population, and the huge advances in computing power and sophistication, all came together when I realized I can translate what I have been perfecting for years in my designs, one building at a time, to a technology, which will enable every design architect in the world to use it.

The result, the solution to one of humanity's most critical needs — the industrialization of the entire process of creating buildings — from design through construction, to operation and systems renewal; The invention and validation of seven building technologies that span the entire range of building types and sizes — with unlimited-to-unprecedented diversity of appearance & uniqueness, creating superior quality, dramatically more sustainable buildings, vastly more efficiently — changing the way we create buildings, changing our industry, and with it the world.

It is the holy grail the building industry has been seeking for over a century.

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Over the past few years it became clear to me that the full story about my legacy is prerequisite for reaching my goal; and that the magnitude and urgency of the global problem humanity faces require global visionaries to step in for the realization of my technologies.


Eli Attia, architect

April 19, 2019

Reason, not whim

eli attia architect