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Reason, not whim

Intellectual Property (IP) theft in America & beyond

An architect's design solution is the core of creativity in architecture and must be protected

Almost all of my notable designs have been appropriated by powerful architects, clients, and/or developers. And it has been followed, practically always, by actively going after my professional reputation and economic viability.

Taking credit for someone else's designs is the worst violation of an architect's work. And putting the architect in such a vulnerable position, only encourages other powerful people to do the same.

Done repeatedly, and the damage, likely, is absolute — to the creator and to his/her potential contributions, to humanity and to architecture.

As ten leading architects have declared in a signed statement of support to the US Supreme Court:

Protecting the architect's design solution "will serve to prevent a potentially devastating encroachment on the rights of creative and innovative architects, thereby preserving inspiration, innovation, and progress in architecture and urbanism." (New York Hospital 2000)

Peter Eisenman • Frank Gehry • Michael Graves • Philip Johnson • A. Eugene Kohn • Richard Meier • Cesar Pelli • William Pedersen • Robert A.M. Stern • Hugh Stubbins

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